Anderson Independent: Rep. Sandifer announces run for seat

By David Williams, Oconee-Pickens Bureau

SENECA – State Rep. Bill Sandifer, R-Seneca, is seeking a sixth consectuive two-year term in the House of Representatives. 

Rep. Sandifer, the House’s majority whip, has served District 2 for 10 years.

He recently paid the $208 filing fee for the office, which comes with a $10,400 annual salary.  District 2 covers the southern half of Oconee County, including the greater Seneca area. 

Rep. Sandifer, 59, is chairman of the public utilities sub-committee, which makes him a ranking member of the House Labor, Commerce and Industry Committee.

“My main reason for running is I am in an even better position today to serve the people of Oconee County, ” Rep. Sandifer said.  “I put a lot of emphasis on constituent service, the same kind of philosophy that Sen. Strom Thurmond had.

“I know the players in state government.  They are no longer just a name and a phone number,” he said. 

Rep. Sandifer, a graduate of the Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science ad an Oconee County businessman, also serves on the House Ethics Commission. 

Rep. Sandifer and his wife, Sandra, live on Cardinal Drive in Seneca and they have four children and two grandchildren.