Bill Sandifer doesn’t back down from a challenge and he’s working to solve the biggest problems South Carolina faces. Here’s a look at a handful of his priorities as he serves in the S.C. House:

Constituent Service

Serving his constituents is Bill’s number one priority, and it always has been. He realizes that many of his constituents feel disconnected from state government because they don’t know where to turn to have their problems solved or questions answered. Bill is available and eager to help. He may not have the answer immediately, but he knows where to go to find the answers and is excited to help the people of Oconee County navigate state government. A big testament to Bill’s focus on constituent services is his 24-hour message center. You can call (864) 885-2240 any time day or night to get your message to Bill. His door is always open and he loves hearing from the people he’s honored to represent.

Jobs & Economic Growth

Bill believes in doing everything possible to help attract well-paying jobs for South Carolina families. He firmly believes government should get out of the way of job creators and reduce red tape, which ultimately will improve South Carolina’s business climate and enable companies both large and small to thrive. Bill sees that creating and retaining quality jobs not only helps families enjoy a better standard of living and quality of life, but also it expands the tax base. As the tax base becomes broader, the burden of funding state government is reduced for everyone and both the state and its municipalities can run more efficiently.

Educating Our Workforce

Bill believes that South Carolina must have a K-12 educational system that uses innovative best practices in ALL schools, so every child in every corner of our state will have a solid foundation, opening doors for him or her. Bill believes it’s imperative for all young people to finish high school and thinks curriculum, when possible, should be tailored to the needs of an individual student. After they complete high school, Bill is committed to seeing all South Carolinians, whether they choose a technical education or higher education path, be able to apply for and hold meaningful jobs. He sees that both graduates with technical college degrees and those with four-year degrees are valuable, adding to the health and depth of South Carolina’s workforce.

Tax Issues

South Carolina’s tax structure needs to be as fair and balanced as it can possibly be—that is Bill Sandifer’s stance on taxes. With a House committee working on tax issues, Bill is excited that several pieces of tax reform legislation seem to be on the horizon, which is promising. With his special focus on economic development and job creation, Bill is eager to see business taxes kept as low as possible, so that more companies will choose to do business in the Palmetto State. Lastly, he believes tax cuts work best when accompanied by lower spending. Bill will continue working to ensure every penny of money sent to Columbia by South Carolina’s hardworking taxpayers is used wisely on critical needs and items that improve quality of life.  As responsible stewards of taxpayer dollars, Bill believes, state government must live within its means, just as families do when they manage their own finances.