June 8, 2011
by Michael Dey

The South Carolina Housing Hall of Fame trustees has announced that Representative William E. “Bill” Sandifer of Seneca and John Templeton of Charleston will be inducted into the prestigious honor society for their work in and support of South Carolina’s home building industry.

“We couldn’t have asked for two better nominees than Representative Bill Sandifer and Mr. Bill Templeton because of their unwavering efforts to protect home builders and the American dream of homeownership,” said Kenneth E. Ormand, Jr., chairman of the S.C. Housing Hall of Fame Trustees. “The South Carolina home building industry has been fortunate to have these two champions working for the benefit of our citizens.”

Representative Bill Sandifer is one strong champion of housing who has had a remarkable affect on the housing industry. He recognizes the impact which the housing industry has on the economy and has worked tirelessly to protect it. Rep. Sandifer’s efforts have been instrumental in keeping home prices affordable so that all South Carolinians will have a chance to realize the American Dream of home ownership.

John Templeton has had a long career in developing quality housing opportunities, which has added to the quality of life for a large number of S.C. families. His professional career led to his passion to advocate for property rights and affordable housing and his founding of the S.C. Landowners Association. Mr. Templeton has been a leader in the effort to preserve and to even restore the right of South Carolinians and people around the country to control their own property. His efforts have been instrumental in shaping and making successful what is likely the most significant property rights movement in the nation.

“Without the concern and actions of these two personalities, our industry would not have been able to weather the recent economic storm and would not have been able to maintain the level of strength which it has today,” said Ormand. “I congratulate the accomplishments of Mr. Templeton and Rep. Sandifer and I welcome them into the S.C. Housing Hall of Fame.”

Rep. Sandifer and Templeton will accept their nominations into the S.C. Housing Hall of Fame on Thursday, July 14 during the S.C. Home Builders State Convention at the Myrtle Beach Marriott Resort & Spa at Grande Dunes. For information about the state convention, visit the HBASC website by clicking here.

About the South Carolina Housing Hall of Fame Established in 1995, the South Carolina Housing Hall of Fame has inducted 63 outstanding individuals from all over the state. Displayed proudly in the office of the Home Builders Association of South Carolina, the South Carolina Housing Hall of Fame honors individuals who have made a lasting contribution to the housing industry and to their communities, as well as the state of South Carolina and the nation, through their work in building and development, public service and housing-related areas such as education, architecture and planning.

To view a list of the members of the South Carolina Housing Hall of Fame, click here.