Cost of Living, Heath Care and Illegal Immigration
Should be Top Legislative Priorities in 2008, Sandifer Constituent Poll Reveals

(Seneca, SC) — The South Carolina General Assembly should focus on reducing the cost of living, improving access to health care and addressing illegal immigration, according to an overwhelming majority of the people who responded to a recent survey conducted by Rep. Bill Sandifer.

To get input on key legislative issues, Sandifer has conducted a constituent survey covering areas such as education, the economy, taxes, immigration, and the environment.

“I want to hear firsthand from my constituents about the issues that most affect their lives, their families, and our community,” Sandifer says. “This survey has been a great way for me to learn the concerns and opinions of my constituents so I can better represent them in Columbia.”

When constituents from House District 2 were asked about the most important issue facing families in Oconee County, a high percentage of respondents answered that the cost of living is their top concern followed by healthcare costs and availability.

When asked about the most important issue facing the state of South Carolina, illegal immigration was at the top of the list.  Healthcare costs and access to healthcare were next, followed by K-12 education.

For constituents who have not yet had the opportunity to “make their voice heard” through the Sandifer survey, a copy is still available online at www.billsandifer.com. Citizens can also receive a survey in the mail by calling Sandifer’s 24-hour message center at 864.885.2240.

“I have an open-door policy and I encourage my constituents to share their opinions with me any time,” Sandifer says. “Above all, I want the people of Oconee County to know that their opinions do count.  The information obtained in this survey will have a definite effect on my legislative priorities as I return to Columbia for the 2008 legislative session.”

William E. “Bill” Sandifer, III serves as the representative for the South Carolina House of Representatives District 2.  Serving the people of Oconee County since 1994, he was part of the historic sweep that brought the first Republican majority to the House since the days of Reconstruction.  Rep. Sandifer has earned a reputation of bipartisanship and as an experienced, dedicated conservative who shapes public policy based on strong economic growth, high-quality education, efficient government and strong families.  For more information about Rep. Bill Sandifer, visit www.billsandifer.com.