I am an Independent who votes for the candidate I feel will do the best job. It does not matter to me whether they are Republican or Democrat. Even if I vote for a particular candidate, I reserve judgment on their value until I see their campaign promises translate into actions.

My family voted for Bill Sandifer because we felt he was the best person to represent our interests in Columbia. Recently, I witnessed an incident in a shopping center that concerned me. I reported this to the Oconee DSS (Department of Social Services). I have enough experience in business to know when people are giving me the “run around.” After several weeks had passed with no response to my repeated requests to DSS, I sent a certified letter to the Director of DSS in Columbia and a copy to Rep. Sandifer. Rep. Sandifer left me a voice mail the same day he received the letter with a promise to immediately get to the bottom of the DSS non-response. True to his promise, he made several calls to people in Columbia, cut through the bureaucracy and made sure the incident I reported was properly investigated.

Rep. Sandifer is a man of his word, and will not let any state agency politics get in the way of doing what’s right. I trust his commitment to his constituents and plan on helping him stay in office as long as he is willing to put up with the Mickey Mouse politics he has to deal with every day to do the right thing. He has a tough job and provides valuable services to his constituents without a lot of recognition.

Mr. Sandifer, this is one constituent who truly appreciates what you are doing.

Chris Rouen