Independent Mail: Keep Oconee progressive at county, state levels

Oconee County has a powerful delegation. Sen. Thomas Alexander is completing 20 years. Rep. Bill Sandifer is completing 14 years. Rep. Bill Whitmire is completing six years and is running unopposed for another term.

We now have a delegation that is heard in Columbia and gets things done, including ensuring our share of state funds for Oconee citizens.

I believe it would be a drastic mistake to not return Sandifer to the House. He is in line to be appointed one of the powerful standing committees next year. I urge voters in District 2 to get behind Sandifer on June 10, and keep him in Columbia. Let’s keep progress going in Oconee County.

On the local scene, we have a progressive county council. Oconee has come a long way in the last two or three decades and council will have to do a lot of planning, including new regulations, to meet the needs of the county. There will be great challenges regarding infrastructure, air and water quality and recreation facilities, and to take care of our forest, wildlife and to acquire conservation easements on historic scenic lands.

Our council and delegation members were supportive of the effort to save Stumphouse Mountain and both groups helped secure funds to purchase more than 1,000 acres, including Isaqueena Falls, that will be protected forever.

Keep Oconee County on track by keeping a progressive council. Re-elect Frank Ables and Tommy Crumpton, and elect Joel Thrift.

J. Harold Thomas, Walhalla


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