SOUTH CAROLINA, October 15, 2002 — NFIB, the state’s largest small-business advocacy organization, today announced Representative Bill Sandifer (R-Seneca) as a Guardian of Small Business in an award ceremony at the Seneca Chamber of Commerce. NFIB State Director Michael Fields presented Sandifer with the Guardian Award — NFIB’s highest honor.

“Bill Sandifer understands the problems facing small-business owners in South Carolina,” Fields said. “He knows how hard entrepreneurs have to work in order to pay their taxes, meet payroll and deal with the burdens of government red tape while at the same time providing for their own families.”

Fields noted that NFIB’s leadership board unanimously selected Sandifer for the award, which is presented by NFIB to state legislators who clearly demonstrate their commitment to South Carolina’s small-business community.

Fields praised Sandifer for his 100 percent small-business voting record, “The support that Representative Sandifer has given to small-business owners clearly demonstrates that he recognizes the vital role small employers play in maintaining and creating jobs for South Carolina citizens,” Fields said.

“When key small-business votes have taken place in the House of Representatives, Bill Sandifer has stood side-by-side with small business,” Fields said. “Everybody says they are for small business, but it’s good to have legislators whose understanding of small-business issues comes through in their voting record,” Fields added. “Bill Sandifer is that kind of legislator.”

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