Press Release from SC Association of Taxpayers: Rep. Bill Sandifer called a “taxpayers’ hero”

Tuesday, June 3rd
For Immediate Release:

The South Carolina Associations of Taxpayers has designated Rep. Bill Sandifer of Oconee County a “taxpayers’ hero” for his leadership in cutting taxes and holding the line on spending.

“In just the last two years alone, Bill Sandifer has been a leader in historic tax cuts on income, food and property taxes,” Weaver said.  “With Bill’s leadership, the legislature has cut more than $1.3 billion in taxes at a time when many legislatures across the country were raising taxes.

Weaver, is traveling throughout South Carolina on the “Taxpayer’s Heroes” tour.  The “Taxpayer’s Heroes” tour is a recognition of our states’ elected officials and candidates who pledge to their constituents that they will vote against any effort to increase taxes.

Rep. Sandifer thanked Weaver and noted, “ I have consistently voted against tax and spending programs, and have always argued that South Carolina’s natural growth in revenues should occur through conservative fiscal and economic grow policies, limited government, free enterprise, and sound tax policy.  The cuts we made in the last two years mean more than a billion dollars in the pockets of families and a billion less for government to spend.”

SCAT President, Don Weaver, thanked Rep. Sandifer for his leadership and commitment to these principles and reaffirmed that, “Limited government, free enterprise, lower taxes and a growing economy–these are the hallmarks of the South Carolina Association of Taxpayers “Taxpayer Heroes” and Rep. Sandifer is a true hero of the taxpayer.”