State Representative Bill Sandifer officially announced that he will seek re-election to the South Carolina House or Representatives for District 2 this November.

Sandifer said, “During the holidays between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I did what I believe all of us should do – I took an inventory of myself – where I am and where I want to go with my life. As a result of much prayer, introspection, and self-evaluation, I determined that I was doing exactly what I wanted to do and, more importantly, what God would have me do.”

“I am proud of the tremendous work we have accomplished over the last few years in the legislature, but there is so much more that needs to be done. I am running for re-election, so I can continue finding solutions for our future,” Sandifer said. “I am committed to supporting all of the communities of District 2, to being a strong voice for Oconee County, and to making South Carolina an even better state.”

In 2009, Sandifer was selected by his fellow House members to serve as chairman of one of the six standing committees of the House – the Labor, Commerce, and Industry Committee (LCI), which addresses all business-related issues for the state. Sandifer was re-elected LCI Chair in 2011 and in 2013.

Additionally, Sandifer serves as vice chairman of the Public Utility Review Committee, and on the Review and Oversight Commission on the State Ports Authority. He is also the South Carolina legislator appointed to the Southern States Energy Board, a 50 year-old organization that works to promote economic development and enhance quality of life through innovations in energy and environmental policy.

In announcing his election bid, Sandifer listed constituent service, jobs, and education as three of his focal points in Columbia.

Constituent Service
“Constituent service is my number one priority. Although voting on legislation that impacts every South Carolinian is important, I believe constituent service is even more important,” Sandifer said. “We are in session to debate bills three days a week for approximately six months of the year, but concerns for my constituents arise every day, all year round. I want to be the person constituents turn to for solutions or answers.”

Job Creation
“We should all be proud of the reduction of South Carolina’s unemployment rate to 6.6 percent. I certainly am. But, we must continue to make every effort to ensure that every able-bodied person who wants a job has a job in South Carolina – that is full employment,” Sandifer said. “I will continue working tirelessly to bring more jobs to our area and the rest of SC.”

“Most people think of K-12 education or college education when the broad term ‘education’ is used.  Education is so much more,” Sandifer said. “One of the primary goals of our total education system is to prepare our citizens to obtain and hold meaningful jobs. In talking with the manufacturing community, one of the things companies are looking for is either trained or trainable applicants for jobs. Therefore, there is a direct correlation between creating jobs and education.”

Other key issues for Sandifer include making government more efficient, reforming the tax code, protecting individual freedoms, and preserving South Carolina’s natural resources.

In Sandifer’s hometown of Seneca, he is an active community leader and the former owner and operator of Seneca Mortuary. He and his wife Sandra have four children and four grandchildren and attend Trinity Baptist Church. Sandifer also served his country, spending two decades as a member of the S.C. National Guard and retiring with the ranking of major.

“My greatest joy and honor is working for the people of District 2 in the legislature,” Sandifer said of his decision to seek re-election. “I am more excited than ever to continue serving the people of Oconee County and our beloved state.”