State Representative Bill Sandifer, who represents Oconee County’s District 2 in the S.C. House, has been appointed to the Southern States Energy Board (SSEB).

SSEB is a 50 year-old interstate compact, which includes governors and state legislators from 16 southern states, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands, as well as a presidential appointee. The Board’s mission is to promote economic development and enhance quality of life through innovations in energy and environmental policies, programs and technologies.

Sandifer was appointed to SSEB by House Speaker Bobby Harrell, who says he selected Sandifer because of his long-time leadership in the state on energy and economic development issues. Sandifer chairs the House Labor, Commerce, and Industry Committee, which addresses all business-related matters, and serves on the state Public Utilities Review Committee, which oversees the state’s electric and gas utilities.

“I am confident that Bill Sandifer will continue to be a leading voice in our efforts to create energy policy that will improve our economy, attract jobs, and enhance our quality of life,” Harrell says. “As he represents our state on the SSEB, he will make sure South Carolina’s interests are protected and use his energy expertise to benefit the entire region.”

Sandifer says that through the SSEB, he is eager to work on finding energy solutions that are good for the economy and the environment.

“Making sure we have affordable, reliable energy is a great challenge facing our state and region, Sandifer says. “I am excited to work with colleagues across the South to find ways to increase our energy supply and security while also growing our economy, protecting our environment, and enhancing the well-being of South Carolinians.”