Sandifer Encourages Constituents to Participate in SC Veterans History Project 

Rep. Bill Sandifer (R-Oconee) is encouraging his constituents to participate in the South Carolina Veterans History Project.  

The project, created by the US Congress in 2000 and being implemented in every state, is working to record and permanently preserve the stories of our nation’s veterans for our children and grandchildren.  All of their stories will be placed in the Library of Congress so future generations will understand the tremendous sacrifice in the name of liberty and freedom. The project mobilizes individuals and groups to interview veterans and preserve their first-hand stories. 

“My 20 years in the SC National Guard have given me a small glimpse at the amazing sacrifices so many men and women have made to protect our freedoms,” Sandifer said. “Ordinary citizens have become heroes and have fought for America during its greatest times of need. Every one of these remarkable men and women has a story to tell.” 

South Carolina is home to 400,000 veterans and about 8,000 of those men and women are citizens of Oconee County, Sandifer added. 

US Senator Jim DeMint is helping spearhead the South Carolina Veterans history project. Please click here for information prepared by DeMint about how you can capture a veteran’s story and get involved in this worthwhile endeavor.