State Representative Bill Sandifer will introduce a bill in the SC House next week that would remove burdensome regulations for funeral services businesses in South Carolina.

The legislation is part of Sandifer’s broader effort to reform the state’s Labor, Licensing and Regulation (LLR) agency, making sure business regulations in the state are fair and removing ones that are outdated or unnecessary. Sandifer is working closely with LLR leaders to determine which regulations need to be changed in South Carolina.

Businesses affected by the proposed funeral services reform would be retail sales outlets that sell funeral-related items such as caskets. Currently such businesses, which operate under a different type of license than funeral homes, have regulations that dictate what merchandise must be on display, the number of restrooms, and similar burdensome regulations. Sandifer and Rep. Eric Beddingfield of Mauldin, who serves on the Governor’s Business Regulatory Review Committee, will introduce this bill Tuesday.

“When I was approached by LLR about the need to change the regulations, I was in total agreement that the present law is outdated and should be revised for the good of funeral services, the State Funeral Services Board, and most importantly, the people of South Carolina,” Sandifer said. “All of our state’s businesses, including those in funeral services, deserve to operate freely without undue burdens.”

Sandifer is working closely with the Governor’s Business Regulatory Review Committee and LLR this session and, as a result, will be introducing additional bills in the coming week to fix over-burdensome regulations for other types of businesses. Sandifer chairs the House Labor, Commerce, and Industry Committee, one of six standing committees in the House, which addresses all business-related legislation. Before becoming a full-time legislator, Sandifer worked in the funeral industry as the long-time owner and operator of Seneca Mortuary.

“As a former small business owner, I know first-hand the cost of dealing with undue regulations. I’m determined to make sure other South Carolina businesses are not hindered by rules that are unnecessary or outdated,” Sandifer said. “I have promised to reform LLR and to help protect the free market in South Carolina. This bill is an important next step.”