The Daily Journal: Comparing candidates’ responses


Recently the two candidates for the SC House of Representatives District 2 were asked to complete a questionnaire for another newspaper. When I accessed their responses, I found some very striking differences.

I couldn’t help but note that Ed Rumsey left the question of religious affiliation completely blank. On the other hand, Bill Sandifer listed his long-standing membership in St. Mark United Methodist Church. I have also noted that any mention of religious affiliation is conspicuously absent from any of Rumsey’s campaign information. Rumsey also left the question of “civic involvement” blank. Sandifer listed a very long list of community activities in which he has participated.

The answers given to the question “What is your number 1 priority if elected?” also provide insight into their motivation to run for this important office. Rumsey responded “to work toward school choice.” (This is simply another term for vouchers.) Sandifer answered the same question “to keep taxes as low as possible.”

Lastly, the answers given to the question “What accomplishments can voters expect?” describe a vast difference in the two candidates. Rumsey responded, “School choice and controlled spending” in that order. When Sandifer responded he referenced his continuing work to make government more efficient and his work to provide excellent constituent service.

The differences in the background and stated goals of these two men are monumental. I believe that our current state representative, Bill Sandifer, has the background, foresight and ability to continue to represent us in Columbia.
Lyn Norton, Seneca


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