The Daily Journal: Endorsements Editorial (Excerpt) 

There is a time for change and a time to stay with the status quo. Elections are all about making those decisions. 

Change has been the buzzword of this election cycle, ignited by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, politicians from the neighborhoods of the Upstate to the halls of Congress are calling for change. 

Based on the information we have, performances we can grade, the questions we have asked and the answers we have been given, this newspaper believes that some change is called for. On the other hand, some calls for change are malarkey and need to be ignored. 

We urge you to consider these candidates when you go to the polls on Tuesday:


 State House of Representatives 

The races in both District 2 and 3 have been ugly campaigns, waged at a level made possible by big money interests. 

Before this election, no one had ever accused Bill Sandifer or B.R. Skelton of being spendthrifts. That’s because they are not. With few exceptions both men have consistently voted in a manner that their constituents would agree with, on both fiscal and value-based issues. Suddenly, we are to believe that both of them are throwing money at everything and kissing up to lobbyists of every ilk. Frankly, we don’t believe it and neither should you. 

We believe that there is an agenda at work that is playing itself out, in part, in the Upstate. We urge you to avoid becoming part of something that has a lot more to do with school choice than it does with who will take better care of your tax dollars. 

Bill Sandifer in Oconee and B. R. Skelton in Pickens have been doing a good job representing us. Don’t be misled by special interests; they have earned re-election. 


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