The State: The Buzz — Lunch, free. Contest to win it, priceless

Sometimes we go looking for Buzz. Sometimes the Buzz comes to us.

And sometimes, good people like Rep. Bill Sandifer, R-Oconee, deliver the Buzz on a platinum platter.

The Buzz was pleased Thursday to receive an e-mail from Sandifer announcing that the Seneca lawmaker had revamped his personal Web site ( But what really caught our eye was a second headline on the e-mail: “One Lucky Constituent will Win Lunch with Bill Sandifer.”

Residents of District 2 can go register at Sandifer’s Web site and hope to be chosen for the free meal.

Now, it should be said Sandifer is one of the genuinely nicest, most congenial members of the General Assembly.

Still, we love the thought of Oconee Countians pining for lunch with Sandifer at Jimmy’s Family Restaurant.

We shared the e-mail with House Majority Leader Jim Merrill, R-Charleston, who shared our glee.

“This is a gift from heaven,” Merrill said, adding if the winner gets lunch with Sandifer, then the loser gets “a full day with Sandifer,” to include a morning skinny dip in Lake Oconee and mid-morning diction exercises.

Sandifer might regret this whole idea once his fellow House members finish spamming his site with fake registrations.


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