PENDLETON — Tri-County Technical College recently received additional support from the local business community with a $50,000 gift from AT&T.  The contribution to the College’s major gift campaign will be used to support small businesses through the College’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Economic Development.

The donation goes towards the College’s goal to raise $9 million in cash and pledges over the next five years to position the College to be more responsive to community needs.  Funds raised through the major gifts campaign will help the College to advance its strategic missions, which include promoting economic and community development.

“The promotion of economic and community development within the three counties is at the heart of Tri-County Technical College’s mission,” said Dr. Ronnie L. Booth, president of Tri-County.  “We have been working collaboratively with the Oconee County Economic Development office and Rep. Bill Sandifer to support small business.  Our Center for Entrepreneurship and Economic Development is a way for people to turn ideas into businesses,” he said.
“Rep. Sandifer’s efforts to help small business are appreciated,” said Jim Alexander, director of Economic Development for Oconee County.   “We talk with him frequently and appreciate his support of economic development, as well as small businesses and entrepreneurship.  Working together we can accomplish good things for everyone.”

“Through Rep. Sandifer’s positive public policy leadership, he has helped create opportunities for our Foundation to help start-up businesses and for us to make an investment in the economic future of the area,” said Dr. Booth.  “It is gratifying as well to see businesses like AT&T join us in support of the successful associations we have with Tri-County Technical College and South Carolina’s political leaders,” he added.

AT&T’s donation will support classes, workshops, and seminars on entrepreneurship and small business development; referral services for grants and other small business funding; and a small business incubator.