Bill Passed In House Would Give Drivers Insurance Discounts

Legislation Would Require Insurance Companies To Offer Discounts For Completing Driver Training Course

 A new bill passed by the South Carolina House would make it easier for drivers to get a discount on their car insurance.

The legislation would require all insurance companies to offer a discount to South Carolina drivers who are age 25 and older and complete a driver training course. The course would take six hours.

Rep. Bill Sandifer, a Republican from Oconee, would introduced bill, said the discount currently only applies to drivers who are at least 55 years old.

“As we investigated it further, we found that it needed to be expanded to get to that younger driver who has been out of drivers’ ed for several years,” Sandifer told News 4.

Some insurance companies already offer driver training discounts, but the bill would require all insurance companies to offer it.

Sandifer said the discount amount would be up to each individual insurance company.

The driver trainer course credit would last for three years. People would need to take a refresher course after that.

The legislation is expected to head to the Senate next week.